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Gann Square of 9 Generator

Do you want to generate index or stock levels using Gann’s square of nine method? Try following calculator…

For example - If you want to see Nifty levels from 1 to 15000, Try using starting number 1, levels - 65

Gann Square of Nine Generator

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Cardinal Cross is marked in Red
Fixed Cross is marked in Blue
22.50-degree Lines are marked in Yellow
11.25-degree Lines are marked in Green

Table of Contents

Who was Gann?

W.D. Gann

W.D. Gann, also known as “The Master Trader,” was born in Lufkin, Texas, in 1878.

He was an early twentieth-century trader. His ability to benefit from the stock trading and commodity markets has never been questioned.

Gann’s technological analysis for forecasting price and time are one-of-a-kind.

His techniques are fully implemented even today.

Gann’s work was highly reliant on geometrical and numerical relationships, and he designed a number of tools to aid him in his efforts.

During his trading career, Gann earned more than $50 million from the markets, with a performance rate of more than 90%.

It has been said that Gann may very well have been correct ALL the time.

Any damages he suffered were entirely his own fault, and not due to any flaws in his practices.

His accomplishments are legendary. Small accounts were turned into fortunes by Gann, who increased their net balances by several hundred of percent.

There are many examples of his trading success, including the following:

  • In the year 1908, a $130 account grew to $12.000 in 30 days.
  • In the year 1923, a $973 account grew to $30.000 in just 60 days.
  • 1933 — 479 transactions were made with 422 being successful.
  • This equates to an 88 percent accuracy rate and a benefit of 4000 percent.
  • 1946 — A net profit of $13.000 in three months from a starting capital of $4500 — a 400% profit.

Ganns Trading Strategies

Gann’s trading strategies are founded on his personal conviction that everything in the world follows a natural order.

Gann’s mathematical equations are not difficult. They generate support and resistance lines, which prices would invariably follow.

Time, according to Gann, is the most critical aspect of trading. The duration of a commodity’s price trend is determined by the factor of time. When the time comes for trending prices to respond, they can stabilize for a short time or fluctuate within a narrow range, but they will eventually react by reversing direction. WHEN prices should respond is determined by the factor of time.

What is the Square of Nine?

The Gann’s square of nine, is a method for squaring price and time. The Gann square of nine gets its name from the fact that the number 9 represents the completion of the first square. 

The square of 9 is a spiral of numbers beginning at the middle with the value “1.” As we move in a spiral shape and clock-wise direction, the number increases from this value. 

square of nine starting with 1

How to Find Out the Square of Nine?

The numbers in the Gann square of nine follow a harmonic pattern.  When you take a number from the square, such as 54, the value for the next number (to the right), 29, is calculated as follows:

Subtract 2 from the square root of the number and re-square the result.

The original number is 54 in this case.

7.348469 is the square root of 54.

5.438469 = 7.348469-2

(5.438469)2 = 29 (rounded to the nearest tenth)

Instead of subtracting 2, the number is applied to calculate the value to the left. As a result, we simply add +2 to the square root of 54 (7.348469) to get 9.348469. The result is then squared to give us a value of 87.

How the Gann Square of Nine Works?

Essentially, the Gann Square of Nine helps in the identification of time and price alignments, which leads to the prediction.

The Cardinal Cross and the Ordinal Cross each have integral numbers.

The main support and resistance levels are represented by the numbers inside the cells that the Cardinal and Ordinal Cross stand for.

Every 45 degrees on the chart, the more relevant numbers appear.

Each degree reflects a period of time.


This method of prediction is incredible correct when using the best trading platforms and has a special synergy in it. 

It teaches us how to correctly estimate potential Lows and Highs of a financial instrument.

While it appears to be a complicated and difficult to practitioner.