[Mobile] Top 5 Best Trading App In India {2021}

Best Trading App In India

Are you looking for the best trading apps in India? Stock Trading has become immense popular and easy with the help of smartphone apps in India. Stock trading is now available to everyone. These mobile apps have market connectivity and trading facilities, so many new investors have been attracting to them.

Don’t waste your time with buggy mobile trading apps instead try these best mobile trading apps in India.

Top 5 Best Trading App In India

1. Kite By Zerodha : Zerodha is a Bangalore-based business that is doing exceptionally well in the stock market. Its architecture and functionality are easy to use and easy to navigate.

kite by zerodha

The platform is ideal for new buyers and traders, with features such as a wishlist, order tab, multiple exits on positions with a single click, holdings tab and much more. You will get immediate alerts on your orders as well as other account details.

To purchase a share, an option or commodities like Gold, Silver etc, you must have funds in your trading account, which can be accessed via the app. When you click ‘Add Funds’, the fund will be credited to your trading account immediately after successful confirmation from your bank.

Zerodha believes that in order to compete and win, mobile apps and a user-friendly interface are essential.

Because of its versatility, the Zerodha Kite is praised.

This free mobile trading app, which also provides secure security settings, has been downloaded by over a million users.

2. Upstox Pro By Upstox : The second-best leader in the industry with plenty of top notch features. Easy to navigate and super easy to place a trade with just a few clicks.

upstox pro by upstox

The following are some of the benefits of the Upstox Pro app, which are close to those of the Zerodha Kite app:

One significant benefit is the availability of charts with a variety of time frames, types, indicators and drawing tools. 

Using the Trade from Chart (TFC) tool, a user can trade directly from charts.

You can create an infinite number of market reminders and real-time notifications.

About 100 technical indicators can be applied to real-time charts.

3. ICICI Direct Mobile App : The ICICI Direct Mobile App is one of the most popular trading apps in India. We’ll go through the ICICI Direct Trading App in depth, including its top features and more.

This easy to use trading app comes with lot of features. With some rocking market analysis tools, this one is best for traders as well as investors.

icici direct mobile

As soon as you log in, the data feed for the Sensex and Nifty, as well as a list of gainers and losers in the MarketWatch, will appear on your home screen.

The Gainers and Losers tab allows you to easily review the top gainers and losers of the day as well as the week. This feature is very useful for traders searching for fast and intraday gains in the short term.

It also helps you to have several watchlists, but each watchlist will only contain 50 scrips.

Charting software is included inside the software for those who choose to conduct technological and fundamental research.

This mobile trading app allows users to view all of the scrips in a grid view and shuffle through different segments at the same time. With a tap on your mobile screen, users can see the top stocks of different categories.

Users can purchase mutual funds directly from the app.

4. Angel Broking : Angel Broking is one of the most reputable stock trading app currently available. With its user-friendly GUI, it’s popular among the traders.

You can take advantage of services such as live feed, easy portfolio monitoring, market forecasts, stable transactions, intraday charts with indicators, funds summary along with your holdings.

This mobile trading app is extremely safe and stable, and it receives regular updates that add to its usability and accessibility. 

Angel Broking makes opening a Demat account super simple and fast for first-time investors.

angel broking app

Numerous advanced features, such as portfolio monitoring, price forecasts, and stable transfers, are available.

Navigation is simple and straightforward.

Orders and payments are processed quickly.

There are no hidden fees.

Webinars, instructional videos, and advice are all available.

A premium version with additional features is also available.

5. 5Paisa Mobile App : 5 paisa is a stock trading app with over five million downloads that includes a free Demat account. This app helps you to quickly get live feeds from the NSE, BSE, and MCX markets, as well as features such as interactive charting software, in-depth stock market commentary, learning videos and tips, multi-asset watchlists etc.

With this mobile trading app, placing orders and paying for them is super easy. Internet banking is available from 40 banks, as well as UPI options for quicker payments. This app also allows you to purchase digital gold, as well as insurance and personal services.

Subscriptions for higher services are also available at very reasonable and budget-friendly prices. You can also build your own customizable portfolios.

5paisa mobile app

Inside the app, there is a simple Demat opening option for beginners.

It offers regular real-time live updates and data from NSE and BSE, similar to ET markets. 

You can invest in top mutual funds using a simple screening tool and a 5 paisa trading account.

Final Thoughts

Time is money, Don’t miss any opportunity to invest at right time. You don’t need any computer or laptop to invest in stock market. Many brokers are offering top notch services via their mobile trading platform for retails investors and traders.

Happy trading 🙂